Photo-Illustration course

Hey guys, I’ve just published my first Skillshare class. Skillshare, for those of you who don’t know, is an online learning community with tons of tutorials, from graphic design to marketing or animation. There are few free classes but if you sign up for a premium membership, you have up until 22000 classes available! Also, if you use the following link, you get to try 2 free months! And there’s no commitment, you can cancel anytime you want. So, this is the perfect ocassion to go take a look.

Photo-Illustration by Julia Lama + 2 months free trial

I was intrigued by the idea of becoming a teacher so I’ve finally tried my hand at mentoring with this course on Photo-Illustration. You know I’m a great fan of travelogues, but sometimes you don’t have enough time to spend filling a sketchbook so… this technique is your new alternative to get amazing memorabilia from your travels. In just 40 minutes of class, you have the whole process explained to you. So, you know, it’s time to try!

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What we do in the shadows

After years and years of utter procrastination, I finally watched “What we do in the shadows” And boy, it didn’t let me down. I wasn’t sure of what to expect… I knew it was a mockumentary about vampires but nobody told me that the cast was going to be that amazing. A set of incredibly likeable characters with very different personalities, all kinds of references and an admirable sense of humor and comedy are the pilars of this movie. If you haven’t seen it yet, you’re so lucky for having the chance to see it for the first time…

0479 WWDITS small

Tras años de pura procrastrinación, por fin he podido ver “Lo que hacemos en las sombras” y maldita sea, no ha decepcionado. No estaba segura de qué esperar… sabía que era un mockumentary sobre vampiros pero nadie me había avisado de lo genialísimo que iba a ser el reparto. Una panda de personajes hechos para ser amados, todo tipo de ingeniosas referencias y un maravilloso sentido del humor y de la comedia son los pilares de esta película. Si no la habéis visto aún, estáis de suerte por poder verla por primera vez…

The power of music

This post is entirely dedicated to music. I’m a profane with no academic knowledge of this beautiful art, but that doesn’t prevent me from experiencing the most intense satisfaction when a song works its magic and gets into my head. Listening to a beloved song wearing headphones becomes an orgasmic experience and feels like fire running through my body. It amazes me how a song delivers an specific message, but stays in your life sometimes with a very different one. Suddenly it speaks about your life and has the reminiscence of your personal experiences. That’s crazy to me. Lately I’ve been resorting to music to regain my energy and I’ve found my self struck with amazement at the powerful emotions I’m feeling when listening to certain songs. The following illustrations are based on different artists I’ve been listening to. If I look past the lyrics, each song has a different meaning to me.

Esta entrada está enteramente dedicada a la música. Soy una profana sin conocimiento académico alguno sobre este noble arte, pero eso no me impide experimentar la satisfacción más intensa del mundo cuando una canción obra su magia y se me mete dentro. Escuchar una canción que aprecio con cascos se convierte en una experiencia casi orgásmica que me recorre todo el cuerpo. También me sorprende ése fenómeno según el cual una canción se te presenta con su mensajito bien pensado pero se queda en tu vida con otro muy distinto. De repente una canción pasa a hablar de tu vida o a transmitirte una sensación superpersonal asociada a un momento que sólo tú conoces. Eso me fascina. Últimamente recurro mucho a la música para recargar pilas y me he sorprendido con la fuerza con la que las más variadas melodías me hacen sentir. Las siguientes ilustraciones están basadas en los distintos artistas que monopolizan mi ipod. Si olvido la letra, cada canción cobra un significado muy distinto.

0463 Rosalia

Rosalía – Pienso en tu mirá

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Transnational Queer Underground

Lately I’ve been doing some collabs with the people from Transnational Queer Underground. By the way, I highly encourage you to read and learn from their awesome archives. They’re working on a beautiful anthology of queer narratives (#Our_Story) and I’ve been very honored to contribute with my art in two stories so far:

0448 bisexual_orange

📖 Catriona – Louder

0456 Poz

📖 Norman Belanger – Clean

Últimamente he tenido el placer de colaborar con la maravillosa gente del colectivo Transnational Queer Underground. Que por cierto, aprovecho para recomendaros muy mucho el bucear en su web. Entre sus muchos proyectos se encuentra el compendio de historias, artículos y entrevistas queer (#Our_Story) en el que he participado aportando mis dibujos para ilustrar un par de buenas historias.


Maddox Realness

What you’re about to see is the result of watching hours and hours of RuPaul Drag Race and my will to give Maddox the chameleon, another chance to shine. And shine he did. If you’re familiar with the show, you’ll recognise the famous expression “Serving realness“. No matter how many seasons I’ve watched, the creativity and madness that comes with the many uses of that expression, give me life. These series are based on some of my favorite realness showcased on the runway of RuPaul Drag Race. And boy, you can’t imagine the fun I had while working on this challenge.


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Lo que acabáis de ver es el resultado de horas y horas de visionado de RuPaul Drag Race sumado a mis ganas de darle otra oportunidad de brillar a Maddox el camaleón. Y mira si ha brillado. Esta serie de ilustraciones toma como base la expresión “Serving realness” que tanto se escucha en el programa. Intraducible me temo. No importa cuántas temporadas me vea, la locura y creatividad que demuestran utilizando esa frase para refererirse a los looks de la pasarela, no deja de fascinarme. Estas ilustraciones parten de una selección de los mejores realness que he escuchado en RuPaul Drag Race. Y no podéis imaginar lo bien que me lo pasé probando poses para Maddox.

SAFE project – my 1st training abroad


Hi guys. You can’t imagine how excited I am to share this new travelogue with you. As you may know, I’ve been going through some nasty stuff since last year. It was pretty obvious that the prospect of traveling to Poland to collaborate in a youth training*, had the posibility to do wonders to me. For once I forgot of all my anxieties and fears and went ahead. I couldn’t be happier. I’ve learnt a lot and I’ve met so many inspiring people that I consider my duty to share my experience.

You can read the whole diary here and, for the first time ever, it’s entirely written in english so I apologize in advance for any mistake. I hope I managed to make some sense! I really tried my best.

*The training was held to raise awereness on Sexuality (Sexual education), Assertivenes, Feminism and Equality through methodologies of non-formal education.

(I’m having trouble with the uploading of the file so, here you have two ways to read the diary. I hope at least one works!)

➡ Click here to open the pdf (download available) TRAVELOGUE

➡ Read it on issuu in fullscreen mode. Unfortunately, the file’s shown in 2 page spread and it looks… funny


He tenido todo un mes (de mierda, todo sea dicho) para pensar qué escribiría si llegase el momento de despedirme de Curra. El momento llegó y pese a que tenía en mente dirigirme a ella, creo que tiene más sentido dirigirse al lector. Querido lector, esta es la despedida de una chica a su perro. Si no perteneces a esa extraña masa de humanos con mascota o tu inteligencia emocional es más bien escasita, cierra esta ventana y ahorrémonos el sufrimiento.
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