SAFE project – my 1st training abroad


Hi guys. You can’t imagine how excited I am to share this new travelogue with you. As you may know, I’ve been going through some nasty stuff since last year. It was pretty obvious that the prospect of traveling to Poland to collaborate in a youth training*, had the posibility to do wonders to me. For once I forgot of all my anxieties and fears and went ahead. I couldn’t be happier. I’ve learnt a lot and I’ve met so many inspiring people that I consider my duty to share my experience.

You can read the whole diary here and, for the first time ever, it’s entirely written in english so I apologize in advance for any mistake. I hope I managed to make some sense! I really tried my best.

*The training was held to raise awereness on Sexuality (Sexual education), Assertivenes, Feminism and Equality through methodologies of non-formal education.

(I’m having trouble with the uploading of the file so, here you have two ways to read the diary. I hope at least one works!)

➡ Click here to open the pdf (download available) TRAVELOGUE

➡ Read it on issuu in fullscreen mode. Unfortunately, the file’s shown in 2 page spread and it looks… funny


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